Join us on Saturday, August 29th for the Back to School-Back in School Rally

Hello! At this point you probably realize that we are interested in getting kids back into school! The FB group, Open Nova Schools, held its first March/Rally to open schools at the FCPS headquarters (Gatehouse Administration Center, 8115 Gatehouse Road Falls Church, VA 22042) on July 25th and it was well received. There were 3 local media outlets as well as on national network on sight to witness parents and students come together to show their support to open schools and their dismay in how the hybrid option was taken away from the 112,000 people who asked to return to school fall of 2020.

Another one is coming up in a 3 short weeks (August 29th-time TBD) and we are hoping for more student involvement. For those who want to simply march on the sidewalks with a poster and not speak, that is perfectly fine. But the more kids who let their voices be heard, the better. Feel free to shoot us an email here and your letter (with or without your name) can be read at the rally. Yes, it matters what parents have to say-they pay the taxes and transport kids, but kids, you are the most important part of this equation. Let us know why you want to go back to school!

Spread the word about our website and our Instagram page and sign up for updates with the subscribe button.

Hope to see you all there! Will upload the official flyer soon so that you all can print them out and pass them around your neighborhood.

Have a beautiful Sunday!

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