A word from a student…

I’m Gabby and I go to an FCPS high school. I have been playing sports since I was 5. Now that I am at the high school level I am really interested into going into some kind of major in college related to sports. I have been severely depressed since March. Both of my parents have important jobs and one has to travel a bunch for it. The other is “essential”. So I don’t have the benefit of having someone to help me through this.

I am not overly outgoing, so going to school is really the only time that I talk with people. Being on teams helps me communicate better and at the end of this last year in school I was just beginning to connect with some teammates and classmates. I can’t imagine this school year. I won’t see people. Can’t play sports (I play fall and spring) and I can’t even imagine getting through some of my hard classes (I am an upperclassman). I heard about this group from my neighbor’s mom and I am so so so happy you all care.

I have had some really good teachers at FCPS and a few okay ones. But I am so so disappointed in how mean some of them have been to my mom, my neighbor’s mom and other people who want schools to open. I am sad for little kids who have to go through this school system. It has gotten so bad and they don’t care about students like they did when I was a young student. I feel for the ones just beginning their journey. 😦 If I was not set to graduate soon, I would suck it up and go to private if my parents could swing it (I have siblings in college). Anyhow, thanks for listening and letting me share my thoughts.

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