A Word From a Parent

I am a single mom of 3 kids at varying ages and levels and honestly, academic abilities. I am going to have to leave my 2 youngest with my junior, the one who struggles in science and math but is very hardworking. My teen will have to try to babysit/help educate his siblings while trying to get through the hardest academic year of school. But we have no choice. And we desperately need scholarships.

Luckily, we live in a decent area, so crime isn’t a huge worry. But progress of my 3rd grader who already has struggles academically and works with a speech therapist and my middle child in 5th grade who is a good student but who could possibly fall between the cracks because of the needs of the oldest and youngest, worries me night and day.

I wasn’t always a single mom and have fallen on hard times, and though I have a decent job now, we struggle financially to make it as it is. But we will definitely have a harder time if I have to hire tutors. And I am above the poverty level, but not by a lot, but because I am, I can’t get financial help nor are we at a Title I school so we won’t be able to benefit from SACC programs while schools are closed.

For those of you who aren’t angry and are just accepting of this, please understand that your acceptance without a fight, is hurting your kids. We have to try to make this not okay, now. If we accept this as normal, there may be no turning back.

Please go to the attorneys or write your leaders. I have written and told everyone I know about parents in Open Nova group and Open FCPS and how strong many of you are. I know we are all tired and weary. But there are so many like me and even worse off who really need someone to speak up.

Please don’t give in to these evil people. Our children are the last thing on their minds. And I am so worried about how long this lack of in person schooling will hurt our kids in an academic and mental sense.

Please don’t stop the fight. I am so thankful for these groups. Our kids depend on us to make their lives normal again. Don’t let them down. We have to work at this together and never stop being loud about it.

Ann- Springfield

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