A Word From a Parent/Teacher

Teaching preschool myself, at the end of last year and all summer, I tried to convince as many of my rising Kindergarten families to try to find a private Kindergarten or to homeschool. Fairfax and Arlington have completely betrayed parents and most families are too trusting to see the real damage this is doing. My school is starting tomorrow, and I’m already working with families trying to undo the damage of the last six months. Considering the age of these young kids, if you think about it, they have lived approximately 15% of their entire lives under these conditions. I will have a lot of anxiety and unhealthy obsessions to tackle in my young students. I already had one of them look at kids playing on the playground and saying to me “Those kids are all going to get sick and DIE!” it is truly criminal what is happening.

Concerned Parent and Teacher

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