We are Rallying Again!!! Kids need to be in School!

On Thursday, September 17th at 630 pm we will be gathering in front of a local middle school (Luther Jackson) 3020 Gallows Rd, Falls Church, VA where the Fairfax County School Board typically meets. But because apparently only public school employees can get sick from Coronavirus, they may not do the meeting in person. But if they won’t show up for our kids, we will! This rally will only be 1 hour long as it gets dark earlier and we will be outside. Please show up if you live in Northern Virginia and have children in public school or if you just care what happens to your community. What happens in the public schools affects our entire country! If you do not belong to Facebook or can’t access the link below, we will be in front of the school on the sidewalks with our signs wearing our green-Green means go back to school! Around 655 we will walk a few feet to the school parking lot and have people speak about what getting back into school means to them and how the shutdown has affected them personally. This is the best part because it really gives everyone an idea that they are not alone and lets the media (who are present) and the community that we aren’t going anywhere! Our kids deserve better!



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