Our rally on September 17th was uplifting!

For those of you who come to the rallies that we have been doing for the last couple of months, you know that it has been a challenge. Our first one was great and people were excited and fired up when schools cancelled hybrid option. The last couple had less than optimal numbers due to a doom filled hurricane forecast and the on on September 17th in front of Jackson Middle School in Falls Church, VA had a steady downpour, but spirits were amazing. Just when it seems like people are all talk and no action, new people crop up to stand up and fight for what is right! We hoped for 100 or more, but the number was more like the 50s, but everyone was in high spirits.

There are some whom haven’t been to our rallies or maybe you are new to our page and have no clue about them. But rallies have become a way for people to share their stories through speeches, or just by writing on poster boards what they want/need from the local public school systems in regards to in person learning. What made this group NOVA PSA instead of Fairfax, since we are out of Fairfax County, VA, is that what happens in one Northern VA county will likely happen in others. So it has been a real pleasure to meet different people around the Commonwealth, who have the same desire to get kids back into school and learn how supportive and helpful they are! And what is also wonderful is having media there to document that parents are not giving up and we are working together across regions for change.

A little bit more faith in humanity has been restored after seeing the heart that these parents have and that they only want what is best for their kids and despite the challenges with work and the failures of the school and how tired we all are, they show up. So many people, everywhere, get on social media to vent. And venting is great! Especially with like minds. But something I like to say: Venting without action is fruitless. It really is. This post is to give kudos to those who keep up the fight in whatever way will help towards getting the kids back to where they belong, school. We just need more people to join in and show up to the events that we work so hard to put on. Spread the word to your friends that we will rally as long as we have people who want to participate. Our kids mean that much!

You guys are the true warriors and are an inspiration to more people than you know! Go to the mattresses! We have a long way to go. But perseverance will win the battle!

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