A Word From A Parent. “You say you care about equity…”

Dear Superintendent Brabrand –

I write again to express my extreme disappointment in the total lack of leadership by you and the school board members.  In my last email to you, I said I was shocked that you had no plan for Kindergarteners to return to school.  Honestly, I should not have been after the stunt you pulled this summer by offering parents a choice of having their children go back to school for a measly two days a week and then reneging that offer a mere 6 days after we made our choice.  How is this leadership?  Frankly, it isn’t.  It’s cowardice. In addition to robbing our young children (who can’t even read yet) of the education that our tax dollars paid for, your actions in giving us NOTHING in person, discriminates against parents who work.  My son’s Kindergarten teacher is very kind, and I can tell she is a great teacher in the classroom, but it is clear that the entire Kindergarten program expects parents to be able to drop everything and assist their young children at any time during working hours when the kids should be in school.  We have our son in a day program created by a local martial arts school who, unlike FCPS, rose to the occasion to satisfy a community need, but it is clear that my son is at a major disadvantage as compared to students who are doing their distance learning from home.  You say you care about equity, but this is just one example of how your claim is demonstrably false.  If you did care, you would not be creating even more disparate situations for parents and their young children. Even with the hardship that was entirely avoidable, what would make it slightly more bearable would be knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  But no.  You refuse to give any of us any hope that this will ever end.  We are just supposed to slog along with the naive belief that some day, at your whim, you might restore what our significant tax dollars entitle us to.  The FCPS that once received rave reviews is now entirely unrecognizable. Please do better and give us a concrete plan for saving the education of our children.

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