A Word From a Parent-“they are absolutely trying to scare people”

I have a child in a cohort scheduled to return in October.

1. I have fluid communication with the teacher, and I know she is returning to her classroom with her students.

2. The principal of his school is very aware of my decision for my child to be in school due to verbal communication.

Today, my husband and I both received separate calls from administration absolutely trying to scare us to reverse our decision. It was a list of things I had to agree that I am aware of, like – are you aware that your child may not have the same teacher? ( yes, he will!) – are you aware that your child will not be allowed to access the playground? – are you aware that your child will have to wear their mask the entire day without breaks? – are you aware that school will not look anything like what school used to look like? and then asking if we still want to stick with our decision. I’m furious. They are absolutely trying to scare people. If I didn’t know for a fact that his teacher is returning I may have backed out of in person because of the complexities of my child’s disability and adapting to a new teacher. I have no doubt they are convincing that measly 3% of people scheduled to go in, to back out.

Note from Editor: I am in total agreement with this parent! This Administration is doing whatever it can to provide the least amount of services for the same price tag. And what is to stop them from pulling this next fall? Fight the good fight my fellow parents. This is far from done!

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