October 15th Rally, Empowered Parents though Return to School is Uncertain

The rally in front of Luther Jackson Middle School on Thursday, October 15th was the best one yet! There were probably 25 children who were all so excited to scream and yell in support of going back to school and another 100 adults to join on the fun. The support by cars passing by really added to the electric environment. A news helicopter lingered for more than 30 minutes above the rally, but the speeches that were made were heartfelt and brought together families in the virtual struggle. Though the School Board was supposed to meet at the site of the rally at 6 pm, they did not show up because they decided to stay virtual, not a surprise to most in attendance. Though Fairfax County Public Schools has failed parents time and time again, we as a community are refusing to give up. There are more people coming to the realization that the Superintendent does not have the best interests of children in mind.

A reported 3.5 percent of students out of a population of 180,00 students are set to start in person classes before the end of October. It looks good on paper, but it is still a very part time basis. And the Academy students have it even worse, 4 total classes between now in January. And these classes are offered only on the day that no other instruction is offered, Monday. So the few Academy classes that get to go, will only be there every a couple of times a month and with only half of their class. A result of all of this disappointment has cultivated a mobilized parent group. This year has been new territory for us as is this parent group. But if we work together to support one another in the process while we grow, we can be a real force to fight the powers that be.

Thanks to those who participated and spread the word. Below are a few pictures from the event. See you all at the next one!

(Apologies for not advertising the impromptu rally here, it was put together in 2 days!)

The crowd was too big to get everyone in the frame and some were so excited they kept protesting!

Kids marching back in forth down the sidewalk chanting- Open Our Schools

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