Rally #5 Thurs, November 12th from 4:15-5:30, Luther Jackson Middle, Falls Church, VA

Hello All!

Apologies for not posting recently. We have had a lot going on at NOVA PSA and as our numbers are growing, so are our efforts to help the #OPENFCPS movement at large. There have been radio, newspaper and television interviews for many people in our group and another offshoot of our greater group- Open FCPS Coalition, is collecting signatures to remove board members, so things are happening all over Fairfax County in an effort to get our kids back into school!

The message today is short and sweet:

Please bring your kids/neighbors/co-workers to the rally tomorrow in Falls Church! Many in the NOVA area work from home, so commute won’t be an issue. Also, this rally will be done early so you all can go home or out to eat with your families. It will be a fun event, starting with a kids decorating station for t-shirts and posters. Bring your poster and we will have supplies, we will have a few posters as well. And we will provide the t-shirts for kids and some adults, green of course, because green means go!

-The tailgate/kids portion will be from 4:15 to 4:30.

-We will do sidewalks where we chant and hold up our signs and interact with those passing by from 4:30 to 5:00.

-And from 5:00 to 5:30 people will have a chance to get up and share their story. Would love to have kids in on this part!

This a family friendly event, and a very positive and fun atmosphere and it merely shows the Admin of FCPS, the media and the country that we won’t be silenced and we aren’t going away until our kids are back in school, full time, 5 days per week!

Be there or be square. Wear green! It will happen rain or shine and the weather seems like it will hold off while we are there. Also we will have a few tents and you can always break out that nice rain gear and stand in the rain for an hour for the kids. A little rain never hurt anyone!

Thanks for your time! We look forward to cheering with you all tomorrow!


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