We have a few things to share…

In our private Facebook group, and on our Twitter page, a couple of things were mentioned in regards to how to help the community during this difficult time with losses of employment during Covid because of school closures or business closures and lack of socialization for our kids.

We are proposing:

Making NOVA PSA a one-stop shop to link kids and families with others with similar interests


To help families in need through food collection/delivery and medical delivery to older people people who are fearful of getting ill during what is typically flu season

These 2 goals will help children to be happy and balanced during a sad and trying time for them emotionally and educationally. They can connect to other children with similar interests and also will give kids volunteer opportunities that they are not able to get because of school/business shutdowns and restrictions.

There will be more information to come. But it will probably be easiest to be a part of these plans by joining us on Twitter and on our private Facebook group where frequent announcements are made.

Lastly, we have decided as our mission is to put families first, that we will join Open FCPS Coalition (OFC) in their efforts to recall Elaine Tholen, Dranesville district and Laura Jane Cohen, Springfield District. In addition, they are gaining signatures for an At-Large member, Abrar Omeish who requires 20,000 signatures which is a huge feat, but can be done with many people pitching in. These were chosen based on polling and statistical analysis based on number of votes.

This massive effort is being undertaken solely by parents in Fairfax County, VA. Every signature, share, and donation towards their legal efforts helps our children. Some say that there is no chance that when the petitions make it to court that they will be successful. But part of the success is getting the signatures and getting to that point.

This is so much bigger than getting petitions signed. It is about pushing back against an oppressive school system who values political donations to their next political stepping stone over the well being of our kids.

OFC and NOVA PSA may have different missions, but at the end of the day, both groups desire for children to get the best education that they deserve. And who can argue with that?

Stay tuned for more information on community events, ways to support both NOVA PSA and OPEN FCPS COALITION.

To give to their fundraiser


Thanks for reading! We will give more information soon on how to become a member of NOVA PSA.

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