We are interested in the idea of Charter School in Fairfax County/Northern VA


We are toying with the idea of starting a charter school, based on the terrible mess that is Fairfax County Public Schools. Teachers have more autonomy in their educational planning and teaching plans and children have the ability to leave a poor performing school and go to a school that gives them better educational opportunities. It is a win/win for all. What is most winning is the fact that there is public funding, but these schools are not under the mighty grip of the county school board.

Let us know if you are interested in joining the conversation.

It is time to make a change that is better for our kids!

Charter schools are hated by many and said to be in favor of privileged people, when it is absolutely the opposite. The truth is, unions can’t get their hands on them or their money, so the message about charter schools is muddied and trashed because it doesn’t help fill the union coffers.

If interested in discussing more or if you have expertise or know someone who does, send them our way!


3 thoughts on “We are interested in the idea of Charter School in Fairfax County/Northern VA

  1. Hello

    I am very interested. I have been doing some research. What I have found is that a charter org or business needs to take a proposal to the school board.

    While they are pretty against charter and stem now may be a good time to force their hand.

    Using current events and public opinion to our advantage is likely the only chance.


  2. I support it. In order to have charter schools it must be approved by your school board. Our current school board is against all forms of school choice including charter schools.

    A great book that dispels the lefts myths on school choice and charter schools is the book by CATO called School Choice Myths


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